Our Coverage of Mardi Gras 2023
  Mobile Mask covers as many area Mardi Gras parades and events as we can. When we say "cover," we mean photograph or video or both and sometimes write little stories.
  We will, for example, cover nearly every downtown Mobile parade. But it's tough for us to be in two places at once, so we do miss some events.
  Click on "Parading Groups" in the column on the left, then click on the group you're interested in, and you'll land on our page for that group. There you'll find links to the latest photos and videos, once they've been posted.
  And check the Mobile Mask Facebook page. Usually when we cover kids parades, for example, we post an album of photos there.
  We'll be working hard to get all of our coverage up on the site, and Mobile Mask is the only place where you can see virtually the entire parade with photos or video.
  We will absolutely hit a point where we fall behind in the posting, and then we'll hit a point where we'll no longer be posting because we'll be out on the parade route nearly every waking hour.
  But never fear. We always catch up. Eventually.

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 Fat Tuesday 2024 is February 13!

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The Best of Our Mardi Gras Coverage
  Mobile Mask covers more than 50 Mardi Gras parades and events every year. We shoot thousands of photos - nowadays it's a lot more than 10,000 every Carnival season. From that, we post more than 2,000 photos every year.
  From all of that, we choose between 100 and 200 Best Of photos every year.
  We also shoot HD video of most of the parades and post them on our YouTube channel. Over the last several years, we have made Best Of videos.
  To see the Best Of 2023, click HERE.
  If you'd like to view our Best Of photos or videos from 2022 to 2012, just click HERE.

Cover Reveal!
  Here's the cover of the 2024 issue of Mobile Mask magazine - our twelfth ever - which will officially go on sale January 6.
  The cover art, a whimsical depiction of Bienville Square squirrels and songbirds in the midst of Mardi Gras frolic, was created especially for Mobile Mask by Lucy Gafford.
  Lucy has a long history of Mardi Gras art, and she is now the Executive Director of the Mobile Arts Council, as well as founder and Chief Squirrel of the Mystic Squirrels of Bienville.
  We are, of course, hard at work on the content of the next magazine. Heck, we started on it before Mardi Gras 2023 was over.
  No hints yet, but we do have some great stories lined up for this issue, plus all of the schedules, maps, and information you'll need to plan your Mardi Gras season in south Alabama.
  If you think you might like to advertise your business in this issue, drop us a line at editor@mobilemask.com and we'll get you the materials you need to make your decision.

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