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 2022 Ball Schedule

Mobile-area Mardi Gras balls and receptions for 2022:

Saturday, January 8
Queens With Dreams (The Grounds)

Friday, January 14

Port City Secondliners (The Grounds)

Saturday, January 15
Krewe of Kindness (Battle House hotel)
Spinsters (Cedar Street Social Club)

Friday, January 28
The Sirens (Country Club of Mobile)

Saturday, January 29
Domino Double Rush (Athelstan Club)
Etruscans (Mobile Civic Center)
Krewe de la Dauphine (Bayou La Batre Civic Center)

Friday, February 4
Nereides (Fort Whiting)

Saturday, February 5
Joy of Life (Daphne Civic Center)
Krewe of Phoenix (Fort Whiting)
La Luna Servante (Mobile Civic Center)
Marquis de Lafayette Societe Inc. (Abba Shrine Center; NOTE this
is incorrectly listed as Jan. 29 in the magazine)
Mystic DJ Riders (Elks Lodge 108 on DIP)
New Mobilians (Heron Lakes Country Club)
Why Not Knights (Eastern Shore Art Center)

Friday, February 11
Conde Cavaliers (Mobile Civic Center)
Order of Dragons (Cotton Hall)
Order of Osiris (Mobile Convention Center)

Saturday, February 12
Conde Explorers (Mobile Convention Center)
Mystics of the Bay (Daphne Civic Center)
Order of the Rolling River (American Legion Post 250)
Pharaohs (Expo Hall)
Pierrettes (Mobile Civic Center)

Thursday, February 17
Order of Polka Dots (Mobile Civic Center)

Friday, February 18
Apollo’s Mystic Ladies (Daphne Civic Center)
Order of Inca (Mobile Civic Center)

Saturday, February 19
Knights of Ecor Rouge (Fairhope Civic Center)
Krewe of Marry Mates (Expo Hall)
Maids of Mirth (Cotton Hall)
Mobile Mystics (Mobile Convention Center)
Order of Butterfly Maidens (Fort Whiting)
Order of Hebe (Admiral Hotel)
Order of Juno (Mobile Civic Center)

Sunday, February 20
Neptune’s Daughters (Mobile Civic Center)
Order of Isis (Fort Whiting)
Order of Many Faces (Mobile Carnival Museum)
Mardi Gras Maskers (Reception - Mobile Convention Center)

Monday, February 21
Order of Venus (Mobile Convention Center)
Tuesday, February 22
Order of LaShe’s (Mobile Civic Center)

Wednesday, February 23
Fifty Funny Fellows (Mobile Civic Center)

Thursday, February 24
Mystic Stripers Society (Mobile Civic Center)

Friday, February 25
Crewe of Columbus (Mobile Civic Center)
Knights of Mobile (Tillman’s Corner Rec Center)
Maids of Jubilee (Fairhope Civic Center)
Thalians (Ezell House)

Saturday, February 26
Comrades (Fort Whiting)
MLK Monday Mystics (The Locale)
Mystics of Pleasure (Gulf State Park Lodge)
Mystics of Time (Mobile Civic Center)
Order of Angels (Reception – Holiday Inn downtown)
Order of Olympia (Riverview hotel)
Original Dragons (The Grounds)
Prichard Carnival Association (The Calirojaé)
Krewe of Sparta (Battle House Hotel)
Shadow Barons (Daphne Civic Center)

Sunday, February 27
Order of Myths (Reception – downtown)

Monday, February 28
Infant Mystics (Mobile Civic Center)
Krewe Du Cirque (Foley Events Center, OWA)
Order of Doves (The Locale)
Order of Mystic Magnolias (Fairhope Civic Center)

Tuesday, March 1
Knights of Revelry (Reception - Mobile Civic Center)
Order of Athena (Reception - Abba Shrine Center)

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