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July 2017 - Mobile Mask has completed a rebuild of its web site and gone to a simpler URL:
   When we first launched the web site in the beginning of 2012, was not available, so we went with Later, when the simpler address did become available, we bought it and used it as a redirect for folks who forgot to put "the" at the beginning of the address.
Until now. We have taken advantage of that additional site to build a whole new digital Mobile Mask from the ground up. Five years without making any major changes is, after all, practically a lifetime in the online world.
   We think the new site is cleaner, better looking, and a little easier to use. Along the way content has been updated, expanded or contracted as we saw the need.
   What hasn't changed is this: The Mobile Mask web site has more information about Mardi Gras in south Alabama than any other single site on the web, and you don't have to plow through a bunch of non-Mardi Gras material to find it.
   If you can point out a better web site, I'll eat a 24-inch strand of beads.

This is a blog of Mardi Gras-related news items from the Mobile area and elsewhere on the Gulf Coast:

  Mardi Gras News

New Mardi Gras Flag Design Now Available

January 15, 2018 - For those who have been searching all over for a Mobile Mardi Gras flag, there are none available. The flag, which has been in existence since 1987, has been out of production for a couple of years now. The copyright for the flag belonged to the Mobile YWCA. You may not have realized this, but there is no Mobile YWCA anymore. The copyright is in the hands of someone who has refused to sell it and hasn’t produced any flags. That leaves us without any flags.
   But now comes Stephen McNair, founder of the McNair Historic Preservation consulting firm, who is offering up a whole new Mobile Mardi Gras flag – or at least a flag design. McNair said he’s been in discussions with a number of local merchants who want to produce everything from flags to hats to ties with his new design on them. G Harvell Mens Clothier has a sticker for sale now, and flags could be on the shelves of “Mardi Gras throws/beads shops” in a couple of weeks, McNair said.
   Developed by McNair, the design “is intended to represent all entities and organizations associated with Mardi Gras in Mobile and serve as a symbol to promote the annual Carnival celebration,” according to a news release issued today. While McNair has copyrighted the design under the Michael Kraft LLC, “The design has intentionally not been formally adopted by any specific  Mardi Gras or municipal organization in order to prevent any partisanship that could be associated with the design.”
   The 1987 flag, you may recall, was declared the official Mobile Mardi Gras Flag of the City of Mobile by resolution of the Mobile City Council. That resolution remains in play, but if you can’t get one of those flags, it doesn’t really matter if it’s official or not.
   McNair emphasized that his design “has been in the making for years. We are proud to offer the citizens of Mobile a design that allows for the uniformed branding and marketing of our most important annual cultural and tourist event. We believe the workshopped process of inviting community feedback was crucial for creating a design that truly represents all of  Mardi  Gras  and  the  importance  of  Mobile  as  being the founder of the celebration.”
   Founded by McNair, Michael  Kraft LLC is “a Mobile-based company with a mission to promote Mobile Mardi Gras as the premier cultural and tourist event for Mobile and the state of Alabama.” Eagle-eyed historians may note that the LLC, while named after the accredited founder of the Cowbellion de Rakin Society, does not spell “Krafft” the way he did. McNair said that was on purpose in order to avoid any “infringement.” Any business, nonprofit or other organization that would like to license the new flag design is urged to contact Stephen McNair at 334-303-3029 or email him at

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