To see Mobile Mask's exclusive video from 2013, showing members of the Knights of Revelry inflating and treating cow bladders for Mardi Gras, click HERE.

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To see Mobile Mask's exclusive video of DREAD performing at the Merry Widow in the fall of 2018, click HERE.

2018 Magazine Extras

   We HATE getting stuff wrong, but when we do, we're anxious to set the record straight.
   In the Ball Schedule in the magazine (Page 20), we gave the wrong dates for two balls:
  The Krewe of Kindness ball will be on January 12. The Spinsters ball will be on January 19. Both dates are correct on this web site and on the Mobile Mask app. However, they are incorrect in the magazine.
   ALSO, under Children's Parades (Page 16) the date for the Order of Impalas should be listed as Friday, March 1.
   We apologize for any confusion.

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