Order of Angels

The Order of Angels is a different kind of parading group. Two women, who were members of a different organization, were sitting at the kitchen table talking about what they did and did not like about Mardi Gras. "We love to ride," one of the women later explained, "but the balls and the partying was not our cup of tea."

So they started their own organization in 2002 in order to parade, but they hold a catered reception, not a ball. Alcohol is BYOB. And while they don't have "call outs," they do have what they refer to as "call ups" to honor their Grand Marshal and others who have served the organization above and beyond throughout the year.

While the group was founded by two women, the group is "open to men and women, married couples or singles," according to a recent President. The Angels is one of only two groups in Mobile to have male and female marshals on horseback

Any money left over from dues is donated to charity, and every member is required to take part in at least two charity functions a year. Sometimes the Angels perform charity work as a group.

This year the Angels will parade on March 2, right behind the Mobile Mystical Ladies. Their theme will be When I Grow Up. Expect seven floats rented from Neptune's Daughters and the Angels's mini emblem float.

To see the Mask's exclusive gallery of photos from the 2018 Angels parade, click on the image below: