Apollo's Mystic Ladies was founded in 2000 as a Daphne Mardi Gras group for ladies. According to the organization's web site, "The first meeting was held at Manci's in July of that same year. The mission was to bring friendship, fellowship, and revelry to the city of Daphne in the true Mardi Gras spirit."

The group's charter number of 100 members was reached in October 2000 at the fourth meeting.

The web site goes on to say, "The original mission of the founders was to pattern an organizational design where members would feel valued and could use their individual talents to promote growth for the organization."

This year, Apollo's Mystic Ladies will parade on February 10 at 6:45 p.m., and the ladies expect to debut their new emblem float, designed and built by Patty Keenan.

The theme will be Fantasy and Fairy Tales, and the parade will include eight more floats rented from the Conde Cavaliers.

 Apollo's Mystic Ladies