Order of Butterfly Maidens

The Order of Butterfly Maidens was formed in 2000 by a small group of ladies who had been members of other parading groups.

The idea was to form a parading organization that would stay fairly small, so all of the members would truly get to know one another. Some groups are so large that some members don't even recognize each other.

The OOBM paraded for the first time in 2003, and the organization celebrated its 10th anniversary during its parade of 2011.

The group currently holds its ball at the Fort Whiting Armory, and the emblem, Madame Butterfly, wears a ball gown and beautiful butterfly wings.

This year, OOBM will parade on the night of February 23.

There's some funky stuff going on with the parade routes that night. While the Maids of Mirth will be taking Route G, starting and ending at Cotton Hall, OOBM and the Krewe of Marry Mates behind them will both follow Route A, starting and ending at the Civic Center.

The plan - the last we heard - is to let MOM pass through the intersection of Claiborne and Church streets, which is roughly a third of the way through Route G, and start the Butterfly Maidens as soon as the fire truck at the end of the MOM parade passes that intersection.

The OOBM theme will be Butterflies on Broadway. Expect a new OOBM emblem float by The Royal Artists - their Butterfly Maidens's first original float - and six floats rented from the Conde Cavaliers. Grand Marshal will be Thom Muth, and Junior Gran Marshal will be Kate Johnson.

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