Elexis I Motorcade

After MAMGA'S King Elexis I arrives at the foot of Government Street, he is joined by his Queen and court and a bunch of Mobile Area Mardi Gras Association members, and they make their way through town to the MAMGA den, just above Congress Street.

Not many years ago, this was a motorcade in the strictest sense - car after car rolled down Route E (the motorcade is the only procession to follow this route), and MAMGA members tossed throws to the sizable Joe Cain Day crowd.

Recently, though, a few MAMGA floats have been added to the motorcade, giving the crowd even more reason to shout for throws. Boxes of Little Debbie oatmeal sandwiches are especially popular.

There's still plenty of cars in the motorcade, including the one carrying Elexis I and his queen to the den. In 2016, Mobile Mask counted 25 cars, and at least twice that many MAMGA members in their maroon sport coats.

This year, the motorcade did not roll because the weather on Joe Cain Day was just too rainy and sloppy. That does not work well with open convertibles and floats that have to be used again on Tuesday.