Here is a gallery of photos from the story about the Mystic Stripers Society, starting with Mobile Mask photos taken at parades, starting with the breakdown of a float in 2013. The fourth photo shows now-retired float builder Steve Mussell checking out the 75th anniversary floats before they rolled in 2014. The drawing in the middle of the next-to-last row was created by Ron Barrett to show the set design for the 1998 ball stage. The next photo, shot by the Mask, was taken at a recent Stripers exhibition at the Carnival Museum. , followed by some of Rob's photos of his creations over the years. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of the photo. The first black and white photo, courtesy of the Stripers, is from the organization's 1943 ball in the middle of World War II. The last two photos are courtesy of the Alabama State Archives, and they show floats from from the 1948 parade and then the 1950 parade.

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