Floral Parade

Alfred Staples, longtime president of the Mobile Carnival Association, asked Sidney Simon to plan a parade for the Saturday afternoon before Fat Tuesday to keep people - especially out-of-towners - downtown for the entire weekend.

The first Floral Parade was held in 1930.

Though Mobile did have a floral parade earlier in its history, a parade of automobiles decorated with flowers - lots of them. That started in 1905 and ended with World War I in 1917.

By 1940 and the advent of the MCA Juvenile Court, the Floral Parade became what we know today, a vehicle for kids.

These days, the Floral Parade is one of only two that's scheduled to run twice, first on the Saturday before Mardi Gras, and again on Lundi Gras, along with the King Felix III parade, which also rolls again on Fat Tuesday.

This year, the Floral Parade will first roll on March 2 at noon and again on Lundi Gras, March 4, at noon.

The theme will be Throw Me a Book, and the parade will feature 16 floats, designed by Brent Amacker and built by Craig Stephens's Carnival Artists.

To see the Mask's exclusive gallery of photos from the first Floral Parade of 2018, click on the image below: