Gayle Pierce created this parade, which rolled for the first time in 2019 along Ponce De Leon Court on the unincorporated Fort Morgan peninsula.

The parade is made up of "golf carts, cars, Jeeps, boats. Some people have taken trailers and decorated them," Pierce said.

All area residents are encouraged to join in.

"Parking is limited," the event's website says. "If you plan to attend, we ask you to carpool if possible."

This year the Fort Morgan Parade will roll on Sunday, February 11, starting at 1 p.m. Though the group doesn't say so, it's probably no small coincidence that this intrepid group stages its true peoples parade on Joe Cain Day.

The group's third annual "Bawl" will be held Friday, February 9. Formal attire is not required.

 Fort Morgan Parade