Joe Cain Procession

The Joe Cain Procession, often referred to as "The People's Celebration," has been a huge part of Mobile Mardi Gras almost since it began in 1967.

For more about the Procession (never call it a parade - just don't) and Joe Cain Day, look to the left of this page and click on "Joe Cain." Or just click HERE.

This year, the March 3 procession will again be in two parts, a fairly new development that's just a few years old now.

The Joe Cain Marching Society - those who walk the parade route, often in costume - has its own parade permit and precedes the Joe Cain Parading Society - the floats and vehicles (though the Parading Society also has its own walking groups out in front of the floats. Yeah, it's confusing. But how do you explain a dozen or so widows crying over a man who only had one wife? Nothing about Joe Cain Day makes much sense. And that's the way we like it!)

Wayne Dean Sr. will portray Chief Slac IV for the 34th year in a row by leading the foot marchers at 2:30 p.m. The Parading Society will be led by Thomas Watts, portraying Citizen Joe Cain.

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