This Dauphin Island group formed in 1992 after a handful of friends having breakfast at a local restaurant decided their little barrier island needed more than one Mardi Gras group.

The first Mardi Gras organization, the Island Mystics, started that same year but folded just before its 25th anniversary. It has been replaced with the Dauphin Island People's Parade.
The first KDLD parade in 1994 had the theme "Scenes of Dauphin Island." The group decided that its parade would always be held on the fifth Saturday before Fat Tuesday, making the Krewe - by far - the first Mobile area parade of the year. And sometimes the cold winds of early January make them pay dearly for that distinction..

This year, the Krewe rolled on January 13 at 1 p.m. It was a chilly day in the low 40s, but there was no rain and a large crowd.

The Krewe's theme was Faces Behind the Mask. King Mike and Queen Lynette were accompanied by Emblems Junior and Anita and Jesters Jake and Nancy.

The Mask's exclusive slideshow of photos from the parade is below. To see our HD video of the parade, click HERE.

 Krewe de la Dauphine