One thing that has remained fairly consistent about Mobile's parading mystic societies is that they are either men's groups or ladies' groups.

In 1993, the Krewe of Marry Mates changed all that, creating a society specifically for married couples. At least one other such group followed in the Marry Mates' footsteps, but it has since dropped from the parade lineup.

Keep in mind, there are a couple of non-parading groups for couples, such as The Etruscans

These days, several groups have both men and women on their floats (and some of the ladies' groups do have male marshals on horseback), but the Marry Mates remain the only group specifically for married couples to ride on the floats together.

This year, KOMM paraded on the night of February 3, right behind the Order of Butterfly Maidens.

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 Krewe of Marry Mates