The Massacre Island Secret Society was born on Dauphin Island during the pandemic year, 2021. While everything was being canceled, MISS was born.

It was a pirate organization that embraced pirates and explorers and natives and settlers and all the parts of south Alabama’s colorful and complicated history.

“When the pandemic happened, we were kind of left to our own devices, and we had a little extra time on our hands,” the founder of MISS said.

On a barrier island, that kind of spare time can lead to trouble. Or something really creative.

The next thing they knew, they had a wholly unique organization, named after Dauphin Island’s first moniker, earned after the grisly sight of open burial mounds led the French explorers to believe some terrible massacre had happened there.

On the night of February 6, 2021, MISS gathered on the island and put on a foot procession that had fire and smoke and drums and hooded cloaks and period costumes and so much more.

The next year, MISS added several elaborate wagons that furthered the historical feel.

This year, MISS rolled on February 5 at 6:30 p.m. To see the Mask's exclusive photo album of the 2023 MISS parade, place your cursor on the image below and click on the arrows.

The Mask's exclusive HD video of that parade will be posted soon.


MISS 2023