Miracle on the Bay

   Miracle on the Bay is a fundraising parade that has rolled behind the Order of Venus since 2019. Currently they share OOV's parading permit, which is why they are not listed on all parade schedules.
  They use rented floats to raise money for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. In 2023, the group raised about $35,000, Bexley said.
   Along the way, iHeart Media has been a potent sponsor of MOB, and Mobile-based Aubreigh’s Army Foundation 328 has become a partner in the effort. Most recently, Magic Moments, an Alabama-based wish-granting organization has been participating.
   Mobile’s own Skeleton Krewe – a Joe Cain Day walking group – volunteers to carry the signs in front of each MOB float.
   After the parade, there’s a kid-friendly after-party, usually at the Ice Box Lounge on Monroe Street.
   “It’s hard work putting it all together, but we try to make it fun,” said Jennifer McClain Bexley, coordinator of Miracle on the Bay. “It’s supposed to be about having fun and doing something good.”