The Mobile Mystics, according to the group's web site, was founded in May 1993 with 52 charter members. The group "quickly obtained use of Mardi Gras floats from another organization and made plans to stage (its) first parade" in 1994, according to the web site.

But there were problems in getting a permit for that year, so the theme of the group's first ball was "Damn the Permit, Full Speed Ahead."

The Mystics was the first group to hold a ball at the then-new Arthur Outlaw Convention Center, and it remains the Mystics' home for the ball. The first Mystics parade was held in 1995.

The Mobile Mystics is the largest group to parade during the daytime outside of Fat Tuesday. On the parade route, the Mystics have earned the reputation of being heavy throwers.

And if you can get down to Church Street by 1:15 p.m., you can catch the entire riding group's foot parade from the Convention Center to the floats in front of the Civic Center. The Mystics throw during that procession as well.

This year, the Mystics will parade on February 23 at 2 p.m. The theme will be Mobile Mystics Salute Our Heroes. The parade will include 13 floats, designed by Brent Amacker and built by Craig Stephens' Carnival Artists.

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 Mobile Mystics