Neptune's Daughters grew from a charter membership of 21 to more than 300 members in less than two decades.

The group's emblem is a mermaid, and its logo depicts Neptune flanked by three mermaids. The Neptune's Daughters colors are teal, white, and green.

According to Mardi Gras historian Emily Hearin, a meeting was held in June 1995 "for a few select friends to gauge interest in starting a ladies' parading organization. The first gathering took place in the community room of a local department store on a hot Sunday afternoon."

Before the meeting was over, those who gathered had written checks for their dues, and the organization was formed. The first ball was held in 1996, and the first parade was in 1997.

This year, Neptune's Daughters paraded on February 4 at 6:30 p.m. Their theme was Welcome to New York, and the parade included 13 floats designed and built by The Royal Artists. This is the group's first parade using The Royal Artists.

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 Neptune's Daughters